New Drawings

There are 6 new drawings on my site. A few of them I did at the beginning of the month while I was in Chicago.

you can see all of my drawings here..

Mountains In The Distance – 9″x12″ on paper

As Rain Drips – 11″x14″ on paper


Stain – 9″x12″ on paper

Sunshine Spitting Rain Like Seeds – 9″x12″ on paper


Fossils – 9″x12″ on paper

Bear Totem – 9″x12″ on paper


New Work & The Hollow Gallery

Shanley and I are opening a gallery this August here in downtown Portland. We are calling it The Hollow, and our first show opens August 1st with Jesse Reno.

You can check out more info on The Hollow here…


I also finished a couple new pieces recently…

“Turtle” – 9″x12″ acrylic, ink, collage on paper

“Rain In My Eye” – 48″x48″ acrylic, pencil & collage on wood


8 new drawings, 3 new paintings

Finally got around to updating my site with some recent pieces I finished…

8 new drawings.

3 new paintings.

here are a few…

Calling Out Without Knowing What Will Respond

I Keep Thinking The Bears Are Gone

Calling To Something

Catching Rain

Drips From My Fingers

Last Pantings Of The Winter & My Mask

I’ve had these pieces sitting around for a couple months now waiting to get photographed. These are the last two paintings I did while it was still winter.

It feels strange to look at them now since the weather is completely different.

The Trees Reflect In The Moon – 48″ x 32″ on wood – acrylic, pencil & pastel

The Walrus Waves To The Moon – 36″ x 48″ on wood – acrylic, pencil, pastel & collage

I also finished up the mask I started carving last year. Now I need to go driftwood hunting again to start a new one.

Wolf Mask – 6″ x 10″ hand-carved driftwood


spring is here – new drawings and stuff

Spring is finally here in Portland. I spent the last week down in California, and it seems that we brought back the nice weather with us.

I haven’t been painting much recently, but instead have been drawing.

You can see all my new drawings here…

As soon as I stop being lazy I will stick them on their own page, but for now they are on the same page as the paintings.

Here are a few of my favorites…

“Sea King” – 9″ x 12″ on paper – ink

Spring – 9″ x 11.5″ on paper – ink & colored pencil

Walrus Friends – 9″ x 12″ on paper – ink

Limiting myself to only a pen has been really inspiring. My ideas are flowing faster than the drawings, so I am excited to see what comes of all of this.

Couple bits that have sparked inspiration in me lately…

The book “Steal Like An Artist” by Austin Kleon, and the movie “Under Great White Northern Lights.”

Go make something.


4 More Pieces – Fighting Hibernation

I’ve been struggle with a couple things lately, and realized in these paintings that they are the same thing. My desire to be productive while my body tells me to rest, and my desire to paint something other than bears while my subconscious keeps producing them. The bear is a symbol of hibernation. It does not fight the natural cycle of sleep and activity. Part of being human is to think that we are different from the other animals when in reality we are same. I realize that the bear that keeps appearing in my work is me telling myself that it is ok to rest. I am acting against my natural cycle.

While I now realize this, I still do not accept it, and so the bear continues to emerge.

Shadow Of A Bear – 12″x24″ acrylic & pencil on wood

Where Are The Whales – 24″x24″ acrylic & pencil on wood

Submerge Emerge – 19″x21″ acrylic & pencil on paper

Bear Fights Hibernation – 24″x25″ acrylic & pencil on wood

2 New Paintings

Just finished 2 more paintings for this month. I also started working on some new music that I hope to post soon.

Sun – 19″x24″ on paper. acrylic, pencil, collage

Look For Mountains – 24″x25″ on wood. acrylic, pencil collage.