The First Vinyl Stegoforest Release

Pictures of the first painted vinyl Stegoforest are here, and it is now available to purchase in both painted, and unpainted!

you can get one here!

I can’t believe that this project started almost 5 years ago O_O

New Work, Stegoforest Vinyl & More


…Change is definitely in the air. The weather in Portland this week has even felt spring-like, or maybe it is just my attitude. Living in Portland the last three years has been great, but I fear my comfort here is starting to to turn into laziness. Before I let that take a hold of me, Shanley and I have decided to uproot and do some worldly exploration. I have no doubts that this will lead to many positive changes in my life and art. The fact that it is scary tells me so…


February 6th is the last show we will be hosting at The Hollow. We will be sad to see it go, but hope to open up again some day in the future after we return from our travels.
Our last show will feature art by Shanley and me. Be sure to stop by and say goodbye! The show goes from 6pm-10pm. 328 NW Broadway #115.

I don’t normally put discounts on my art, but since we are moving across the country I would like to get rid of as much as possible before then.
If there are any works you are interested in please email me at and we can discuss the price. You can see what is available here


Because we are moving in February I will no longer have access to a printer to make my art prints. I plan to get a new one, but that might not happen until 2015 (if at all.)

If you would like to get a print from me, please order one before the last week of February. You can see what is available on my etsy.

I had another one of my drawings made into a t-shirt. You can get one on my etsy.

This week I received the first vinyl Stegoforest in the mail for approval. Everything looks good which means by the end of next month I will have the first release ready.
You can preorder one now at the bottom of


“Moving Through The Water” 24″x48″ on wood. My first piece of 2014.

Fall Update

Just hung some of my art up at Lyrik Cafe here in PDX. It will be up for the month so be sure to stop by and check it out.


Got the first image of the unpainted “Creeps,” my latest resin toy. These will be painted, and ready for their release on Halloween. 🙂

Stegoforest show at Hip Hop Robot Tattoos

Last Saturday at Hip Hop Robot Tattoos in Seattle was the opening of the final Stegoforest resin show. Special thanks goes out to Mark and Maren for putting together a really awesome event which included live music and a barbeque! I also got a new tattoo from Mark while I was there 🙂

If you would like to view the pieces from the show they are available online at Hip Hop Robot.