New Work, Stegoforest Vinyl & More


…Change is definitely in the air. The weather in Portland this week has even felt spring-like, or maybe it is just my attitude. Living in Portland the last three years has been great, but I fear my comfort here is starting to to turn into laziness. Before I let that take a hold of me, Shanley and I have decided to uproot and do some worldly exploration. I have no doubts that this will lead to many positive changes in my life and art. The fact that it is scary tells me so…


February 6th is the last show we will be hosting at The Hollow. We will be sad to see it go, but hope to open up again some day in the future after we return from our travels.
Our last show will feature art by Shanley and me. Be sure to stop by and say goodbye! The show goes from 6pm-10pm. 328 NW Broadway #115.

I don’t normally put discounts on my art, but since we are moving across the country I would like to get rid of as much as possible before then.
If there are any works you are interested in please email me at and we can discuss the price. You can see what is available here


Because we are moving in February I will no longer have access to a printer to make my art prints. I plan to get a new one, but that might not happen until 2015 (if at all.)

If you would like to get a print from me, please order one before the last week of February. You can see what is available on my etsy.

I had another one of my drawings made into a t-shirt. You can get one on my etsy.

This week I received the first vinyl Stegoforest in the mail for approval. Everything looks good which means by the end of next month I will have the first release ready.
You can preorder one now at the bottom of


“Moving Through The Water” 24″x48″ on wood. My first piece of 2014.

End Of The Year

2013 was a great year, and I am excited for everything that will happen in 2014. I have lot’s of plans for the new year. Move back to Chicago for a few years, trips to Alaska, South America, and New Zealand, new vinyl toys, and lots of paintings.

Here are my last two pieces for the year..

“The Transformative Power Of Rain” – 36″x48″ acrylic, pencil & pastel on wood

this second piece is a print paint-over of the piece above. I made a giclee print on heavy water color paper, and then painted on top of it to make it a new original. If you turn the piece clockwise 90 degrees you can see the owl underneath.

“Bear Eats 10 Raindrops” – 13″x19″ acrylic & pencil on paper

Start of Winter

As the season begins to the change, I am feeling that yearly desire to hibernate and not work on art much. I returned from my road trip a week ago, and have only done one drawing in the past month. I say this not as a complaint, but as something I have noticed the past few years. I think it usually takes me a month or two to get used to this shift before I get back into art mode. After this initial period of laziness, I find the winter time very inspiring. The cold and the gray can get depressing at times, but I mostly find it peaceful, calming and contemplative. The forms in my paintings all live in this time. Some people say my art looks dark, and that I draw monsters, but to me they are all soothing. I look at my work throughout the year and it brings me back to a day like today. There is a breeze outside, and gray light fills my room as I sit quietly drawing in bed with my blanket bundled around me. I pause, listening to the silence, and recognize that I am happy. And that moment, where everything is still and quiet, cozy and perfect is where my paintings come from. A whimsical sleepiness.

The Past In The Layers – 9″x12″ on paper


Searching For Water – 9″x12″ on paper

A Bear With 11 Eyes Still Looks For A Home – 9″x12″ on paper


Honeymoon Road Trip

Shanley and I will be going on our honeymoon road trip for the rest of September.

If you would like to follow our trip, you can do so on instagram. My username is @jessenarens


Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 4.52.19 PM

New Work & The Hollow Gallery

Shanley and I are opening a gallery this August here in downtown Portland. We are calling it The Hollow, and our first show opens August 1st with Jesse Reno.

You can check out more info on The Hollow here…


I also finished a couple new pieces recently…

“Turtle” – 9″x12″ acrylic, ink, collage on paper

“Rain In My Eye” – 48″x48″ acrylic, pencil & collage on wood


spring is here – new drawings and stuff

Spring is finally here in Portland. I spent the last week down in California, and it seems that we brought back the nice weather with us.

I haven’t been painting much recently, but instead have been drawing.

You can see all my new drawings here…

As soon as I stop being lazy I will stick them on their own page, but for now they are on the same page as the paintings.

Here are a few of my favorites…

“Sea King” – 9″ x 12″ on paper – ink

Spring – 9″ x 11.5″ on paper – ink & colored pencil

Walrus Friends – 9″ x 12″ on paper – ink

Limiting myself to only a pen has been really inspiring. My ideas are flowing faster than the drawings, so I am excited to see what comes of all of this.

Couple bits that have sparked inspiration in me lately…

The book “Steal Like An Artist” by Austin Kleon, and the movie “Under Great White Northern Lights.”

Go make something.


4 More Pieces – Fighting Hibernation

I’ve been struggle with a couple things lately, and realized in these paintings that they are the same thing. My desire to be productive while my body tells me to rest, and my desire to paint something other than bears while my subconscious keeps producing them. The bear is a symbol of hibernation. It does not fight the natural cycle of sleep and activity. Part of being human is to think that we are different from the other animals when in reality we are same. I realize that the bear that keeps appearing in my work is me telling myself that it is ok to rest. I am acting against my natural cycle.

While I now realize this, I still do not accept it, and so the bear continues to emerge.

Shadow Of A Bear – 12″x24″ acrylic & pencil on wood

Where Are The Whales – 24″x24″ acrylic & pencil on wood

Submerge Emerge – 19″x21″ acrylic & pencil on paper

Bear Fights Hibernation – 24″x25″ acrylic & pencil on wood