Start of Winter

As the season begins to the change, I am feeling that yearly desire to hibernate and not work on art much. I returned from my road trip a week ago, and have only done one drawing in the past month. I say this not as a complaint, but as something I have noticed the past few years. I think it usually takes me a month or two to get used to this shift before I get back into art mode. After this initial period of laziness, I find the winter time very inspiring. The cold and the gray can get depressing at times, but I mostly find it peaceful, calming and contemplative. The forms in my paintings all live in this time. Some people say my art looks dark, and that I draw monsters, but to me they are all soothing. I look at my work throughout the year and it brings me back to a day like today. There is a breeze outside, and gray light fills my room as I sit quietly drawing in bed with my blanket bundled around me. I pause, listening to the silence, and recognize that I am happy. And that moment, where everything is still and quiet, cozy and perfect is where my paintings come from. A whimsical sleepiness.

The Past In The Layers – 9″x12″ on paper


Searching For Water – 9″x12″ on paper

A Bear With 11 Eyes Still Looks For A Home – 9″x12″ on paper