New Paper Pieces & A Skateboard

I dont know why I decided to call these drawings on my website since there is just as much paint on them as the things I call paintings. I guess something about the small piece of paper compared to the larger pieces of wood make them feel like drawings to me. ┬áIn any case… here are some new pieces I recently added to my site.

“Owl Pellet”

“I Can See Through You”

“Raindrops On My Tongue”

“Stepping On Raindrops”

“Throw It All Away”

“Touching Rain”

“Sometimes I Don’t Get You”

“We Came From The Sea, But The Whales Lost Their Legs To Return To The Water”








Live Paint at The Hollow Gallery

At the end of this month from August 31st-September 2nd I will be hosting a live paint event at The Hollow Gallery in downtown Portland, OR.

Art in the Pearl is happening a block away, so if you happen to be in town for the art festival, be sure to walk over to the gallery. I will be painting alongside Jesse Reno and Davey Cadaver.

12pm-6pm. Same time for all three days.

You will also be able to check out all of the art inside the gallery as well.