4 More Pieces – Fighting Hibernation

I’ve been struggle with a couple things lately, and realized in these paintings that they are the same thing. My desire to be productive while my body tells me to rest, and my desire to paint something other than bears while my subconscious keeps producing them. The bear is a symbol of hibernation. It does not fight the natural cycle of sleep and activity. Part of being human is to think that we are different from the other animals when in reality we are same. I realize that the bear that keeps appearing in my work is me telling myself that it is ok to rest. I am acting against my natural cycle.

While I now realize this, I still do not accept it, and so the bear continues to emerge.

Shadow Of A Bear – 12″x24″ acrylic & pencil on wood

Where Are The Whales – 24″x24″ acrylic & pencil on wood

Submerge Emerge – 19″x21″ acrylic & pencil on paper

Bear Fights Hibernation – 24″x25″ acrylic & pencil on wood